Here is a sampling of the original paintings that are available at Paint Valley Studio. They range in size from 9x12 inches framed to 28x36 inches framed. The size of most of the paintings is 16x20, with the 12x16 size the next most popular. The paintings are done using the best of watercolor materials, primarily Arches watercolor paper and Winsor-Newton paints. You may expect an original to last centuries, whereas the prints can be expected to last about 92 years before colors may start to fade.

If you see something you like in these sample paintings, feel free to contact the artist. At the gallery there are many more originals of various subjects, too many to try to include here. I still have the originals of some of the prints on the Prints page, so if you see a print and would like the original from which it was made, contact me. Original paintings are one of a kind, so it is suggested that customers always contact Paint Valley Studio by phone or email to make sure the painting has not already been sold and is still available.

Commission work is welcome. The usual procedure is to send photos of the landscape you would like to have painted (I don't do portraits), along with other information such as the season, the direction any buildings face, size of the painting, and any personal touches you would like to see included. There is much to discuss when commissioning a painting, so it is certainly prudent to contact the artist first. The prices shown with the sample paintings below are for purchase at the gallery. Actual shipping charges would be added. Shipping for framed paintings or for larger sizes can be substantial since I would have them packed at a UPS store. For smaller sizes matted only the shipping is minimal.





"Snowcats" This is a photo of a typical small original watercolor framed to 9x12 inches. These small paintings are only sold framed. The painting itself is on a piece of watercolor paper 5.5 by 7.5 inches in size. Paintings this size are quick and fun to do. Cost $65 framed.




End of the Line



"End of the Line" This is a photo of a framed original watercolor 12x16 inches in size. The painting itself is on a piece of watercolor paper 7.5 by 11 inches (an "eighth sheet"). This is a popular size for commission pieces, as it provides a piece of original art at a modest price. This size can be shipped easily without the frame. Cost is $75 matted only and $125 matted and framed, plus shipping.





Mabry Mill



"Mabry Mill" This is a photo of an original watercolor framed to 16x20 inches. This is the most popular size for commission pieces, and typically the largest size from which I make prints. You will find a print of this painting and the one above in the Prints gallery on this website. The painting itself is on watercolor paper 11 by 15 inches in size (a "quarter sheet"). Originals this size may easily be shipped unframed. Cost is $150 matted only and $225 matted and framed. This is, of course, the cost at the gallery. Shipping would be extra.





Winter Invitation




"Winter Invitation" This is a photo of an original watercolor size 22x28 inches. The painting itself is 15 by 22 inches (a "half sheet"). Framed originals this size sell for $400 at the gallery.










"Derelict" This is the largest size painting I do, a full sheet of Arches watercolor paper, size 22 by 30 inches. This painting is matted and framed to 28x30 inches. Cost at the gallery for a painting this size is $700. A lot went into this particular painting: I made the frame out of Winesburg barn siding probably a century old, and I wrote a poem to go with it, also called "Derelict," which can be seen in the lower left corner.