About the Studio

roadsignPaint Valley Studio is the business home of artist Don Weisgarber. The main gallery and studio is located at 10075 Justus Ave. SW, Beach City, Ohio 44608. It is in the home of the artist, in a rural setting in the extreme southwest corner of Stark County. It is here that the artist does most of his painting (when he is not painting plein air), and where most of his original paintings and prints are on display. Paint Valley Studio gets its name from the beautiful Paint Valley area around Winesburg in Holmes County, Ohio, where the artist previously had a gallery



gallery photo


In addition to the home gallery (shown here), the artist has a gallery on the second floor of the Zoar Store in Zoar, Ohio, and has paintings and prints at the Time and Treasure Trove in Winesburg, Ohio, the Expressions Gallery in Millersburg, and a few originals at Spectrum 7 gallery in Bolivar.