Books of poetry are not what one might expect to see on a website dedicated to watercolor paintings and prints. Yet, writing is a creative art as well as visual art, and poetry, if done well, does indeed paint a picture in the mind.

Poetry Chapbooks

Poetry chapbooks are small books of poetry often self-published. Those listed below contain original poetry some of which has been previously published in small press poetry magazines. I have had poetry published in: The Lyric; Mobius, The Poetry Magazine; Ancient Paths; Time of Singing; freefall; and Avocet. The following three poetry chapbooks are available for sale for $7 each, which includes shipping. You may purchase by printing out the order form and mailing it along with a check.


Cast Shadows

This chapbook contains both rhymed and free verse lyrical poetry. Size 5.5 by 8.5 inches with 36 pages. $7.00. Here's a sample:

Last Walk Autumn
Lace of sky and turning tree,
Filigree of gold and blue,
Of blue and burning red.
Overhead sunlight streaming through,
In hue and brightness wed,
Leaves and lives accrue.

A north wind rises, swirling,
Curling tips to brown,
As brown invades the fading landscape,
To drape, without a sound,
Around the land a cape
Of umber ground.

Leaves and lives asunder
Under nature's restless rule,
By rule and love we burn
And earn, as our own fuel,
Renewal, hesitant return,
To forests lush and cruel.


Sonnets Split and Stacked

This chapbook contains 24 sonnets on various topics. It also is 5.5 by 8.5 inches in size. Cost $7.00. Here's a sample of what's inside:

I'm only eight years old- too young to die;
But smoke came drifting underneath my door.
It hurt my eyes so bad it made me cry;
I grabbed my bear and rolled onto the floor
Like I was told at school. I called for Dad
But he didn't come. Beneath my bed
I might be safe; but there the smoke was bad-
I hid behind the closet door instead.
I couldn't breathe; I fell asleep it seemed
And God was there! God right by my side!
And then He spoke to me, or so I dreamed:
"My angels find my lambs wherever they hide."
And then an angel, crawling, dressed in black,
In mask and helmet, found and brought me back.



Winesburg Lives, A Sonnet Crown

Residents of the town of Winesburg, Ohio, where I had an art gallery for five years, were the inspiration for the poems in this chapbook. A sonnet crown is a sequence of sonnets (14 line poems with a specific rhyme scheme) in which each poem's first line is the same as the previous poem's last line. This book, too, is 5.5 by 8.5 inches and it contains 32 pages. Cost $7. Following is a sample of one of the poems.

Beneath a windswept surface, buried deep,
Transported by a glacier's ancient flow,
Its journey ended here, as if to keep
Your place reserved, a fathom just below
The frozen ground where digging workmen heave
Into the light, into the falling snow
The boulder to the surface that you leave
For final rest in the ancestral row.
Brief moment in a geologic time,
An interlude before your Maker calls,
An insignificance, this pantomime
played out by mourners while the large snow falls.
Boulders, bodies, all return to earth
Beneath the tree that signifies rebirth.